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HTTP Proxy Mode

HTTP Proxy Mode is a minimal proxy server which wraps the Scrapingpass HTTP API for you so that you can incorporate our API into your project by just adding this proxy to your request methods rather than modifying your codebase heavily and rewrite them incorporating Scrapingpass API.

This makes most of the flow transparent with the remote. In other words, its almost same as making normal requests but powered by Scrapingpass API which does all sorts of parsing, processing, extraction, etc under the hood.

Proxy URL

Scrapingpass provides HTTP proxy supporting standard HTTP as well as HTTPs URLs. Both HTTP and HTTPs version of proxies are available.


HTTP Proxy Mode makes use of basic HTTP Authorization using a combination of username and password which can be specified either by specifying username and password directly into the proxy URL itself or as Proxy-Authorization header. Specifying username and password directly into the proxy URL is easier and preferred way of authorizing with the proxy.

Proxy Credentials


Eventually the proxy URL which is to be used becomes something like:


You need to disable SSL certificates verification when using the Proxy Mode.

Specifying API Options

Specifying API options in Proxy Mode requires you to insert the options in form of key=value pairs separated by & in password field of the Proxy URL. It is recommended to URL encode the parameter values to prevent conflicts with other parameters.

An example to specify few options within the proxy password field.

http://YOUR-API-KEY:scrapingpass&[email protected]:8080

For reference of list of all possible options accepted by the API, check options reference.


Options like url, method, api_key are automatically inferred in Proxy Mode.

Example Proxy Mode Usage

  • Getting rendered screenshot of a page.

curl --insecure \
--proxy 'http://YOUR-API-KEY:scrapingpass&[email protected]:8080' \