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Scrapingpass HTTP REST API is the core which lets you perform all sort of scraping tasks. It provides a single endpoint and options being provided as query parameter makes it really easy and fast to get started with.


Scrapingpass provides SSL enabled HTTPs API. Following is the latest version of deployed API. As of now, there are no endpoints of Scrapingpass API other than the root itself.


After signing up onto Scrapingpass, you're provided up with an API Key to access the Scrapingpass API. If you don't already have an API Key, get it now.

Specifying your API Key is simple. You need to make use of the api_key option to specify your API Key in URL query parameter as like:

Specifying API Options

Specifying different options is as simple and same as adding any other URL query parameters. It is recommended to URL encode the parameter values to prevent conflicts with other parameters.

An example to specify few options along with authorization.

For reference of list of all possible options accepted by the API, check options reference.

Example HTTP REST API Usage

  • Getting rendered screenshot of a page.

curl ''