Private proxy


A lot of people who want to access certain websites like social networking sites, e-mail providers, and others want to use a private proxy server. Some may want to bypass the censorship imposed by their ISP.

Most ISPs have their own websites that they would provide to you in order to sign up and download their package. The problem with these is that they usually limit the amount of data you can download and this is because they want you to subscribe with them. For example, if you are using 100 MB a month for downloading the internet package, then you will be limited to the number of files you can download without having a fee.

But with Private Internet Access (PIA) there is no internet cap at all since they offer unlimited bandwidth to their clients. In fact, even if you are already a subscriber of PIA, then it would still be possible for you to go for the other plans since you can upgrade anytime you want.

With Private Internet Access, you can choose which sites you want to visit by using a private proxy server. It would not be possible for your ISP to block such a server which means that it is not possible for your ISP to monitor or control what you are doing online.

Aside from not being monitored by your ISP, this type of proxy also allows you to surf the internet anonymously. With a Private Internet Access account, it is impossible for your ISP to find out your real identity since your IP address cannot be detected by them. This makes it easier for you to surf the web anonymously, without worrying about your IP address being revealed.

Even if your IP address is exposed through Private Internet Access, it would still be possible for your ISP to get you to stop using the internet or to freeze your account. Because of this, you need to use this kind of proxy to protect your identity. They do not have this kind of monitoring capability so they cannot freeze your account or make you stop browsing on the internet.

They can only detect the IP address and if it has been used several times. Since you have several IP addresses, some of which are not used every time, you will not be detected.

The best thing about Private Internet Access is that it does not cost anything. It is a free service, so you don’t have to spend any money.

There are different types of servers and they will be able to accommodate your needs, whether it is a one-time visit or if you want to pay for this service every time you surf the net. Most of the services offer this kind of server, although there are some which offer a different type of server to their clients.

A good internet access provider would offer you one-way and two-way proxy services. The one-way is used when you are surfing the net for the first time. The second way is used when you are not surfing the internet but you want to surf anonymously or when you just want to test whether you can connect to the internet.

Some of the Private Proxy Servers also offer VPNs or Virtual Private Networks, which can allow you to surf anonymously even though not connected to the internet. This way, you can surf anonymously while you surf the internet without letting other people see your web history or information like your email address.

This type of server can also be used as an email forwarding service. Many of the VPN servers also offer a VPN server so you can send emails to another user and receive emails from that user as well. This allows you to use two IP addresses if you have multiple email accounts.

Because of this, it is possible for you to surf anonymously using these servers as long as the IP addresses of your client and the IP of the server you use are the same. This means that you can use two email addresses instead of one, and you won’t have to worry about other users seeing your email addresses online.

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