Many business models and also, engineering services are running on the fundamentals of proxy servers.

In this article, we at are seeking to establish a clearer mindset regarding the most effective resource that users can have in order to implement their tasks in an efficient and more economic manner without any kind of hassle.

  • We seek to ease our audience’s doubts regarding which proxy to use and also provide them the automation services they need.
  • With so many proxies gathering attention fast, we seek to point out the best ones that do not compromise on quality.

What Exactly Is A Proxy Server?

A proxy is a mediator and free proxies are a treat for the users.

This means that whenever a client seeks resources from his server that is liable to provide these resources, the proxy is that appliance or application of the server which comes in between and acts as an intermediate medium for this request of resource that the client makes.

  • The work of the proxy is to accept and also forward these requests that the client makes.
  • The proxy takes these requests and forwards them to the target server where the data is stored that the user has requested.

This is the basic model of a proxy and there are many free proxies that are available for usage.


Proxy Server

In recent times, proxies have proved to be quite efficient and important for various online services and also for users’ websites.

Proxies can help people change their IP address when needed or even protect use websites in case of any breach.

Which so many Practical uses of proxies here is the proxy list for Top 7 Best Proxy Providers. Also, any user can check out more here.

Let’s Check Out A List of Free Proxies & Proxy List :

1. ScrapingPass:

Free proxies


  • ScrapingPass Provides Residential Proxies, captcha solving, and user-agent rotation for almost every technique. It is very easy to use and affordable.
  • In this package, you will receive at least 5000 proxies that work in every part of the world. Our proxy support allows you to get up to 10,000 fresh proxies daily!
  • With ScrapingPass, any type of proxy service is available to you, starting from email scraping to other techniques that are not publicly disclosed on the web.

You can use the proxy list to make direct HTTP or HTTPS requests from our website when your network administrator disables access to certain websites.

This is a common practice because they don’t want you to be able to bypass the firewall restrictions made by them. We provide the cheapest socks5 servers and the largest database of IP addresses online.

We want to be the default choice for the majority of internet users because of the quality we provide. You can check more free tools for web scraping here.

2. Free Proxy :

This is a portal that is very often used by many users because of its basic user interface and also how it serves the purpose of a proxy in a very convenient way.

  • The homepage of the portal consists of a filter that is custom made and it can help the user get the proxies that are filtered by him from the list that is available. This is one of the most used free proxies that are currently out there.
  • There are many protocol options for the user to choose and implement the way he or she likes like HTTPS, SOCK4 or 5, or HTTP, and also, the user can choose between their anonymity levels from elite and be transparent.
  • This is one of the very beneficial proxies as it contains many interesting services and options that most of the proxies out there are not able to offer.
  • When the user scrolls down the homepage, he or she can find the list of available proxies that are based on the country and also many other filters.
free proxy

3. Free Proxy List:

Free-proxy-list has quite an easy layout and is considered the best among many users that have reviewed it. Its simplicity is also accompanied by the great services it provides.


  • It has HTML and HTML5 but, those who are SOCK 4 or SOCK 5 users, will have to grab some other service since it’s not supported here.
  • Although it does not provide the establishment of SOCK, it has the advantage of having a custom port which is quite great for some users.
  • It also consists of two bar graphs which are color-coded and indicate the transfer and response levels.
  • The drawback is that there is no numerical information that indicates what these levels mean and hence, most of the time the graphs go vague.

4. Proxy Nova :

Another great proxy service provider that has a promising and most updated number of available working proxies that can be implemented in public use.

Source: Noveproxy

  • They have a powerful software that is responsible for maintaining the functioning of over a million proxies on a daily basis.
  • Users trust the services of proxy nova as its software tests each proxy once every 15 minutes which is just great.
  • Also, such great service is provided free of cost which brings in more customers each day.
  • With so many proxies, any of them can be used in coordination with any software to access blocked websites or hide the user’s IP address or even disguise the current location of the user.
  • The free proxies that are present undergo an update every minute in order to view the data from the proxy database which has a large size.
  • Also, there is the functionality of filtering the proxy in accordance with the user’s preferences of location on the level of anonymity they want.

5. New Net Times proxy :

  • There is no presence of any filter. So, the user cannot make any custom search for free proxies they need.
  • But, if there is any need for immediate satisfaction of your requirement then, this is the proxy service that you need to see.
  • It does give the users the opportunity to at least have a chance to find their proxy based on the location they need.

6. Spys :

  • is a trustable and famous free proxy list which has an IP address list from around 171 nations across the world.
  • While few countries that are not that frequently used have a few addresses on them, the top ones have more than 300 IP addresses available in database.
  • Considering the top three nations on their list: Germany, Brazil, and the United States, there are above 800 proxies available.
  • Most often, proxies are provided with cities and also, by ports. Along with HTML, it also provides SOCK 4 and 5 proxies in the list which is just amazing and uncommon as compared to others.

7. SSL Proxies :

SSL Proxy - TechLibrary - Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks

  • This is another proxy list that has a limited number of proxies available and hence, there are just about 100 proxies that are present in the available list.
  • Also, users can sort the available proxies on the basis of various locations and nations. Also, there is the choice for the level of anonymity that any user craves for.

This Is What We Can Finally Say :

There are abundant sources of free proxies and proxy lists that are available on the web at the present time. Besides our service, you can also trust Nova Proxy that has been in the business for quite some time.

We would advise our users to trust the proxy service we provide as we have mentioned that our pool consists of about 10K addresses which is a gigantic amount.

A proxy should be judged in accordance with the service they provide and their variety, quality, and customer service. Therefore, it is advised that each user makes his or her decision after great contemplation.

However, the users who are still confused regarding the type of service they want and the content they want to implement the proxies upon, can reach out to us at We are ready to help our users in case of any query.


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