How do Python and Beautifulsoup analyze eBay competitor prices

Monitoring eBay competitors’ price differences are one of the foremost important applications of Web Scraping in retail and e-commerce. When done correctly, this will end in additional revenue while also allowing the shop to remain within the game and avoid being caught off guard by what the competitor does.

This can be accomplished with the assistance of an easy script. We’ll utilize BeautifulSoup and Python to help us to extract data, and we’ll keep an eye fixed on eBay prices.

To begin, we’ll get to create an Amazon page and find out BeautifulSoup to enable us to search the page for useful data using CSS selectors.

We also pass the user-agent headers to duplicate a browser call, for not getting blocked. When we examine the website, we notice that every item’s HTML is contained within a tag having class s-item. We could just utilize this to divide the HTML page into such cards, each of which has unique item information.

On closer inspection, you’ll see that the merchandise title always possesses the a-item title class, and therefore the price will possess the s-item price class. Now, allow us to count the number of reviews. You may even get to rotate the User-Agent string in additional complicated implementations so eBay doesn’t think you’re using an equivalent browser!

If we go one step further, you will see that eBay can just block your IP address, neglecting all other efforts. this is often disappointing and hence most of the online crawling projects fail at this point.

Getting Around IP Blocks

Investment during a personal rotating proxy service like Proxies API can often mean the difference between a successful and a pain-free web scraping operation that continuously completes the work.

Plus, with the first bid of 1000 free API calls, there’s almost nothing to lose by comparing notes while using our rotating proxy. It simply takes one line of integration to form it almost unnoticeable.

There are billions of high-speed spinning proxies scattered over the world.

  • Using automatic IP rotation.
  • Using automated User-Agent-String rotation.
  • Using automated CAPTCHA solving technology.
  • Several clients have used an easy API to tackle the matter of IP restrictions.

eBay competitors:

In no specific order, these are top alternatives to eBay. the simplest choice for you depends on what you sell and your business goals. Many of those other marketplaces serve niche markets. So, someone selling electronics will want to use a special marketplace than a merchant producing handmade jewelry, when looking to expand beyond eBay:

Amazon – eBay’s biggest competitor
Etsy– The eBay alternative for selling homemade goods
Rakuten– The international alternative to eBay
Newegg– The eBay alternative for electronic sellers
Bonanza– eBay’s active competitor
Export Portal– the international e-commerce platform
eBid– The auction site like eBay
Ruby Lane– The vintage goods alternative
eCrater– a smaller Amazon
Alibaba– the wholesale alternative

What makes eBay different?

eBay’s success is attributed to its unique business plan, allowing individuals or businesses to list new or used items for auction for a really low fee. At the time, nobody else was doing that. By providing an auction listing service, eBay made it much easier to locate rare toys.

The online marketplace eBay is sort of different from other players. eBay’s core offering is the best services to buyers and sellers. Other online marketplace competitors focus more on products. The auction feature of eBay alongside buying products at fixed prices may be a unique offering to interact with buyers and sellers.

For sellers. there are 5 Reasons To Sell on eBay:

1.) Lower barriers to entry. eBay has few to no up-front fees, few or no minimum commitments of any kind.

2.) More flexibility. eBay gives you more control over sales than Amazon does.

3.) Customer service-driven. It takes shopper feedback under consideration, customer-focused sellers enjoy far more positive differentiation.

4.) More niche shoppers. eBay’s shopping audience is usually trying to find unique, interesting, and personally exciting products.

5.) Room to brand your store and sales. you’ve got a high degree of control over the looks of your product listings and your store page.

For buyers,

1.)Free eBay account allows you to simply find anything you would like to shop for.

2.)except for purchasing an item directly, you’ll attempt to make a bid on an auction and obtain an item with a good price more flexible rules on buying on eBay.

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