Data extraction has many forms and may be complicated. From Preventing your IP from getting banned to bypassing the captchas, to parsing the source correctly, headerless chrome for javascript rendering, data cleaning, then generating the info during a usable format, there’s tons of effort that goes in. I have even been scraping data online for over 8 years. We used web scraping for tracking the costs of other hotel booking vendors. So, when our competitor lowers his prices we get a notification to lower our prices from our cron web scrapers.

Here is a list of the top 10 best web scraping tools on the market immediately, from open source projects to hosted SAAS solutions to desktop software, there’s bound to be something for everybody looking to make use of web data!



Mozenda offers two different sorts of web scrapers. Downloadable software that permits you to create agents and runs on the cloud, and A managed solution where they create the agents for you. They do not offer a free version of the software and if you’re trying to find a version that works on your Mac, you’ll use scrapingpass.


The nice thing about ParseHub is that it works on multiple platforms including mac however the software isn’t as robust because the others have a difficult interface that would be better streamlined. Well, I need to say it’s dead simple to use and export JSON or excel sheet of the info you’re curious about by just clicking thereon. It offers a free pack where you’ll scrape 200 pages in only 40 minutes.



Diffbot has been transitioning far away from a standard web scraping tool to selling prefinished lists also referred to as their knowledge graph. The pricing is competitive and their support team is extremely helpful, but oftentimes the info output may be a bit convoluted. I need to say that Diffbot is the most different sort of scraping tool. albeit the HTML code of the page changes this tool won’t stop impressing you. it’s just a touch pricey.

They grew very quickly with a free version and a promise that the software would always be free. Today they do not offer a free version which caused their popularity to wane. watching the reviews at they need rock bottom reviews within the data extraction category for this top 10 list. Most of the complaints are about support and repair . they’re beginning to move from a pure web scraping platform into a scraping and data wrangling operation. they could be making a last-ditch move to survive.


Scrapinghub claims that they transform websites into usable data with industry-leading technology. Their solutions are “Data on Demand “ for giant and little scraping projects with precise and reliable data feeds at no time rates. They provide lead data extraction and have a team of web scraping engineers. They also offer IP Proxy management to scrape data quickly.




Octoparse is a tool for those that either hate coding or haven’t any idea of it. It features to some extent and clicks screen scraper, allowing users to scrape behind login forms, fill in forms, input search terms, scroll through the infinite scroll, render javascript, and more. It provides a FREE pack with which you’ll build up to 10 crawlers.



WebHarvy is a stimulating company. They showed up a highly used scraping tool, but the location seems like a throwback to 2009. This scraping tool is sort of cheap and will be considered if you’re performing on some small projects. Using this tool you’ll handle logins, signup & even form submissions. you’ll crawl multiple pages within minutes.




80legs has been around for several years. They need a stable platform and a really fast crawler. The parsing isn’t the strongest, but if you would like tons of straightforward queries fast 80legs can deliver. you ought to be warned that 80legs are used for DDOS attacks and while the crawler is strong it’s taken down many sites within the past. you’ll even customize the online crawlers to form it suitable for your scrapers. you’ll customize what data gets scraped and which links are followed from each URL crawled. Enter one or more (up to many thousand) URLs you would like to crawl. These are the URLs where the online crawl will start. Links from these URLs are going to be followed automatically, counting on the settings of your web crawl. 80legs will post results because the web crawl runs. Once the crawl has finished, all of the results are going to be available, and you’ll download them to your computer or local environment.




This tool can assist you with Lead generation programs, News aggregation, financial data collection, competitive data collection, etc. The pricing looks good and may be used for little projects. Because web scraping projects are often complicated with various layers of details and requirements — in order that they have built a communication doorway, called ‘Messages’ for every of your projects. Messages are to issue tickets, discuss requirements, and track project status — all from one place. The software looks quite inexpensive and if you’re trying to find an easy project and don’t want to spend tons of cash Grepsr could be your best bet.

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